Merchant Ivory Launches New Website for 2015

Designed by Cyber-NY

February 15, 2015
Merchant Ivory Launches New Website for 2015

Merchant Ivory is pleased to announce the launch of their new website with enhanced content and features.  The new website has a searchable filmography and timeline spanning more than 50-years of filmmaking history at MIP.  Visitors to the new site will see a randomized display of films highlighted from the home page to encourage discovery and exploration of the complete works of Merchant Ivory.  More trailers, film stills, photos and cast information have been added with new photos and commentary to be introduced this year. Fans are now encouraged to comment on their favorite films directly within the filmography pages to create a community of interest.  The new website has been built to be mobile friendy and seemlessly adapts to smart phones and tablets for a more comfortable two screen experince or casual browsing.  We've also integrated social media features to keep the conversations going and allow fans to connect, share and discuss our films.

The new Merchant Ivory website was designed and developed by Cyber-NY Interactive under the guidance and supervision of James Ivory and Neil Jesuele.  Cyber-NY is a new york based digital agency focused on film, ecommerce and creative digital solutions.  They've worked with Merchant Ivory since 1999.

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