Miss Dent (Mary Beth Hurt) lays siege to her former employer, John Blake (Laurence Luckinbill).

The Five Forty-Eight
1979/U.S., 58 minutes

In 1979, shortly after The Europeans was completed, Ivory took on an assignment outside Merchant Ivory Productions. One day at lunch he heard that Channel 13 television in New York was doing three adaptations of John Cheever stories for the "Great Performances" series, and that one of them, "The Five Forty Eight," adapted by Terrence McNally, had no director. Ivory then approached channel 13 and persuaded them to let him direct it. The Five Forty Eight, drawn from a Cheever story about the fictional New York suburb of Shady Hill, concerns an advertising man, John Blake (Laurence Luckinbill), who is emotionally estranged from his wife and those around him. His disturbed secretary, Miss Dent (Mary Beth Hurt), whom he has seduced and then fired and discarded, pursues him harrowingly, and in a final scene in which she holds him at gunpoint in a field beyond the Shady Hill railroad station, she forces him to confront the squalor of his life.

Director: James Ivory
Producer: Peter Weinberg.
Screenplay: Terrance McNally, based on the story by John Cheever.
Photography: Andrzej Bartkowiak.
Editor: David E. McKenna.
Art Director: John Wright Stevens
Costumes: Julie Weiss
Executive Producer: Jac Venza
Casting: Howard Feuer

Cast: Laurence Luckinbill (John Blake), Mary Beth Hurt (Jane Dent), Laurinda Barrett (Louise Baker), John DeVries (Henry Watkins), Robert Hitt (Price), Ann McDonough (June Thorpe), Philip Scher (Charlie Blake), Kathy Keeney (Virginia Blake), Nicholas Luckinbill (Tad Watkins), John Harkins (Trace Beardon).

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