Helen, Queen of the Nautch Girls

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Sweet Sounds

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William Shakespeare's Richard II in Pre-Production

Richard II, set around the year 1398, traces the fall from power of the last king of the house of Plantagenet, Richard II, and his replacement by the first Lancaster king, Henry IV (Henry Bolingbroke).  Richard II, who ascended the throne as a ...

Courtesans of Bombay

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Make the Wiseguys Weep

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Mar 1
"In my small way I am a woman of the world, and I know where things can lead" - Maggie Smith in 'A Room with a View' @MerchantIvory
Feb 24
If time to read and RT thanks -a piece by me on Ruth Jhabvala @HBee2015 @MerchantIvory @ZEEJLF @NoisyBits https://t.co/MtcseazcfD
Feb 12
Enjoyed films:Jhabvala's 'The Householder' and Desai's 'In Custody' in front of warm fire this weekend @MerchantIvory

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